Best Friends

Platonic Soulmate. BFF. Ride or Die. Best Friend. There are several terms out there that people use to describe their best friend. But how do you really know when someone is your best friend? It’s different for everyone, but for me? Here’s how I know.

1. She Appreciates My Weirdness:

Now, I’m not saying that I’m weird or odd…at least I don’t think I am…but I do have random thoughts and theories and questions about things that I couldn’t ask anyone else but my best friend. I have a theory about a tv show we both like or I had an epiphany about a conversation we had weeks ago, etc. I know that she understands the need to just tell someone something, even if it’s stupid. I know this because she does the same to me, because, like her, I know that sometimes you just need to be heard.

2. Strangers Ask If We’re Related

On more than one occasion, she and I have been in line at the grocery store, just talking, and the person at checkout makes a remark or question about us being sisters. Or someone we just met wonders the same thing. Now, we don’t look alike, but we are so similar in personality and mannerisms and speech that people mistake us for being related.

3. When One Of Us Borrows Money From The Other, We Know It’ll Be Paid Back

Now, we’ve all done it before. Forgotten to pay a bill or had an emergency and you just don’t have the money for it. In those situations, for me anyway, I know that if my best friend has money to spare or a credit card, she’ll loan me the money, no questions asked. And when you tell them when you’ll pay them back, they don’t question it. Same for me. I know that if I lend her some money and she says she’ll pay me back on a certain day, she will. On numerous occasions that money has been paid back to me before noon, without me having to remind her of it. Even if it’s a larger amount and I get paid back in installments, I still don’t ever have to remind her when each payment is due, she’s already on top of it.

4. Things Stay The Same

My best friend and I live in different states, far away from each other, so we don’t get to see each other that often. However, we talk almost everyday, whether it’s by phone, text, Skype or the occasional FaceTime (which we really don’t utilize that often.) And when we do finally get together in person, even if it’s been months or more than a year, it’s like nothing has changed. We just pick up right where we left off. We can ride in the car in silence without it being weird, we like to do that same stuff like play games that are meant for more than two people like Catch Phrase or Scattegories. We still even like to just hang around and do nothing but talk. When we do get together we don’t have to make big plans or itineraries planning every second of our time together. For the most part, we can just play it by ear and know that we’ll still have a good time.

5. No Matter What, You’re Always There For Each Other

When all is said and done, we’re there for each other. Always. Day or night. No matter how big or small, I know that she is there if I need her. If I really needed to, I could call her at 2 in the morning to talk (not that it’s ever happened, but if it were really serious, I know that I could.) I know that she would have my side in a fight, but will call me out if she thinks I’m in the wrong. While it’s not easy sometimes to tell someone the truth, I know that she will tell me if I ask for it. She won’t placate me or just tell me what I want to hear, because it does me no good if I have false hopes or expectations on something. She’ll listen to me if I just need to vent about something, regardless of it she has any interest in it or knows much about it. Basically, I know I can go to her if I need to. Period.

Here’s one of many funny anecdotes from our friendship. My best friend and I are fast talkers, especially around each other. She found out that one of our favorite bands was coming to town on their tour, and she called me, while we were both at work, to tell me about it. We talked for a few minutes then hung up. She then texted me a few minutes later because when she got off the phone, one of her co-workers told her that it sounded like she was talking in Chinese because of how fast she was talking. It made us both laugh because I understood her 100%. Just another example of why she’s my best friend.

Me and Katie NYE 2016


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