The Standard First Post

You see it on almost every new blog, the introduction post. The first post that says, hey world, here I am and here is what I’m going to write about. This, it not going to be one of those posts. As this blog is just intended to be an outlet for my randomness, we’ll start out that way.

Social media. It’s amazing how many ways there are for us to connect to people from around the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so many others. Perhaps some people abuse their social media, but then we encourage them by continuously liking/sharing/retweeting/etc their posts and pictures and tweets and whatever else they do. So really, is it all their fault?

And then there are those people that have social media accounts, but never use them. So when you’re doing your Facebook “spring cleaning” you have to questions: “Can I unfriend this person?” “Do they ever use Facebook?” “Will they be offended if they eventually sign on and find out we’re no longer friends?” And then most of us answer those questions with, “oh well” and proceed to unfriend them.

So, for my first blog post, I enter this poll. What is your favorite form of social media?



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